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MSX Info Update 2007 is over, but I hope to see you all again next year... Here are some pictures from the party:

This year we had a very little time to build up the party place so we decided to have only one van full of MSX stuff. This was the first time we actually managed to achieve our goal. These are the pictures from Friday.


I think that the most of the party visitors managed to find correct place although it was changed from last year. It was good to notice that some people actually read what I write.

Ahti lost as usual...

In front of the (correct) party place there were people already waiting for hardware to arrive. I want to thank everyone who helped us from the bottom of my heart as without help we could not have ever made it.

People helping to build party place.

In the end we managed to get everything up and running and we even got some time to sleep before the party.

Ahti found the party

Ok, about the party... After running some old demos it was time for coffee and cake.

Lagers had made a real neat looking MSX cake for our party.

MSX cake

It was actually so nice looking that no one wanted to cut it untill finally STT took the job.
The cake was pretty big, but because we had more visitors this year as never before the size was actually just right.

STT & cake

Our Estonian friends were also kind enough to bring a box of beer and share it with other party visitors. (Tambet is in the middle of picture)

Tambet also made it possible for us to release these previously unreleased Estonian games from AttackerSoft (Markus Klesman, 
Raul Keller, Kaspar Loid & Oleg Maskhov)

You can download the games by clicking the pictures. These games have been modifyed to run on standard MSX computers.

Adventurer (MSX2) Phobos (MSX1)
Adventurer Phobos

In this picture you can see Prodatron on the left and Dvik on right.

Prodatron & Dvik

Unfortunately we did not manage to get ObsoNet working in the party place because of a bad network connection and some flash related problems. Prodatron's show about SymbOS was anyway very impressive. Here you can see Prodatron's MSX tR playing videos and MP3-files on GFX9000.

Prodatron's MSX tR

When people saw SymbOS running the reactions were everything between laughter and shock.

Unfortunately we didn't manage to avoid problems also while showing Dvik's demos. The MSX1 disk drive we had with us did not work well and also one of Dvik's disks was broken. However in the end we managed to show at least 1.5 demos from Dvik. For full experience I suggest to download these great demos from http://www.msxblue.com/

Dvik demo show

We had also some demo veterans in the party place. Marq (left) was a coder in Lieves!Tuore (MSX1) demo group and at least Britelite (right) is wellknown from tons of demos for other platforms. Maybe next year we get demo for MSX platform as well. :-) At least MSX demo compo was in his wishlist for the next year.

nf from former Bandwagon demogroup (MSX1) also visited the party place, but unfortunately I did not manage to capture him with the camera. Same problem with Jari Paulin, who was actually one of the few Finnish people who released commercial game in 80's (Mr Seek by Teknopiste)

From the picture below you can anyway spot Juha Riihimäki who is known from his fMSX emulator for Symbian platforms. This was actually the first time we managed to get him to the party place.


Here you can see our cake master Lagers, who also tried to get MSX1 demo release ready for the party with his friend. Unfortunately they didn't manage to make it in time. I hope that we can add their demo to this page soon.


Playing games was a popular hobby also this year, so let's add a few pictures of that as well...
Here is one of my favourite games Pleasure Hearts.

X-tazy playable demo on big screen...

We had also lots of old games and other programs that could be tested by party visitors.

Later in the evening we had a helicopter compo. Here you can see winner and 3rd as well as our huge helicopter. Lagers was 2nd.

Helicopter compo

About hardware....

Here you can see Konami's Monkey Academy cartridge at the party place. As you may see, we were prepared for long playing session :-9

Monkey Academy

... this was one of the very few cartridges that actually did run on this Casio MX-10 that we took with us. Somehow this computer is very cute as it is so tiny, but the very limited RAM space & horrible rubber keyboard makes it much better idea to show this computer without power.

Casio MX-10

STT was once again responsible for the most rare hardware like this sample version of Konami Sound Creator

Konami Sound Creator

STT had also his weird SVI-738 that is actually MSX2+ with 1MB RAM, MSX-MUSIC, DOS2 etc.

We also had LaserDisc system up and running. This year we even took a little video clip of playing Star Fighters
and Esh's Aurunmilla

In this last picture you can see Yamaha Unit Connector UNC-01 together with our MSX T-shirt. BTW we still have those t-shirts if you are interested.

If this was not enough, check out pictures that Petri Pyörre took:

We think that this year MSX Info Update really turned from MSX user meeting into a fair. This means that it's really time for us to modify the party concept for the next year... Anyway I'm already looking forward for the next year and if you want to be part of our team, don't hesitate to contact us.