Music compo

Chip: PSG
Maker: Yzi / Lieves!Tuore
Player: Custom / Yzi
Rank: 1st

This song made PSG to sound a real music chip once again. Yzi had made an updated version of his player that added things like echo buffer and it made the song sound very nice. I've always liked Yzi's songs and this did not make any difference.

Name: Say no to cross development
Chip: PSG
Maker: Lagers / Kepekset
Player: PSG Tracker
Rank: 2nd

Lagers is better known as Amiga composer. This PSG song was his first MSX release. It was not a bad at all...

Name: Aliens
Chip: SCC
Maker: dvik & Joyrex
Player: Custom / dvik & Joyrex
Rank: 3rd

This sample based tune was nice, but also short and somehow noisy. I think that the entry could have been better considering the hardware used. If I'm right, same replayer was previously used in Leila K.

Demo compo

Name: Illusions
System requirements: MSX + disk
Maker: dvik & Joyrex
Rank: 1st

This demo was typical dvik & joyrex quality. Many of the effects were known from their previous demos, but there was original content as well and it still looked professional and well polished.

System requirements: MSX + disk
Maker: Lieves!Tuore
Rank: 2nd

The choice between 1st and 2nd was not easy. Marq caused some delay by appearing to party place about 2 minutes before demo compo started with pretty much untested demo entry. L!T got few minus points because of this. How ever after 10 years of silence this demo was definitely worth the little delay. The download here is now bug fixed version of the demo that was shown in party place.

Name: Britesux
System requirements: MSX (50Hz) + disk
Maker: Britelite
Rank: 3rd

3rd entry was made by Britelite, who has previously made huge pile of C64 and more advanced platform demos. He started learning Z80 just week before party. I must say the demo was a very big positive surprise. Some of the routines, like music player were loaned from Lieves!Tuore.

Name: Rebirth
System requirements: MSX + disk
Maker: CCFG
Rank: 4th

This was really nice looking and artistic entry. It was just too short to actually success in this compo.

Name: The demo
System requirements: MSX
Maker: Kepekset
Rank: 5th

This demo was made on party place.

Racing compo

In race compo there was 16 attendees. Race compo winner was Miikka Poikela who won bottle of "Old engine oil"-beer sponsored by Keltsu / Kepekset.


Name: Raah
System requirements: MSX
Maker: HBP & Weltto

During the party night also another demo was created by party visitors.