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Hello, here you will find some pictures of MSX info update 2005 party. Unlike last time these pictures are not taken with Video9000 as I managed to loan a digital camera that is a bit more convenient to use at crowded areas.

Original party invitation page can be found here.

The original idea was to have a small meeting at Ahti's place where we talk and burn sausage, but as usual things got much bigger than it was planned. After we got the party place we started to plan, what we should bring with us... After a while we decided that we just take about everything... We just didn't realize how much we had MSX stuff.

We started to build up the party place on Thursday.

Three full loaded vans later we started to realize, that we didn't have as much spare time as we thought.

The bookshelf we took with us was way too small for Ahti's game collection, so rest of the games were placed to shelf on top of coffee reactor units.

Here you can see Alexey entering the party place. He had his Russian Yamaha computers with him also this time... He said that last time my picture comments were very racistic toward Russian people and their computers, so ok... I apologize, but I still can't use that keyboard. Even numbers need to be written with SHIFT-key down!

Alexey also demonstrated us the latest version of his CASlink program. Last time the demo didn't work too well, but this time he was able to load games without problems directly from CD-player.

We were lucky to find this device from Ahti's garage after being lost for more than 10 years! This is last of the three Finnish speech synthesizer prototypes that were made by Timo "Tokamoka" Poikela for MSX. AFAIK, there was a project in Helsinki University to make a Finnish speaking synthesizer, but the project was abandoned. However Timo managed to get a copy of phonetic ROM, they had generated and he finished the project by his own. Unfortunately these devices were newer produced. At the party place this device was connected to door (with SVI-738) and it said "Welcome to MSX Info update 2005 party" to everyone, who entered the party place. (Until Ravel fixed it to say "We are the robots and we will kill you now!")

Gorgane actually loaded some games from tape drive! This was something we did not expect to happen in 2005!

Here you can see the "buy/sell" table. These MSX t-shirts were sold in no time, but other ways hardware was not exchanged this time.

We had quite a comprehensive collection of Finnish MSX related magazines at the party place and later at night we had great fun reading them. Did you know that MSX2 had a 512KB diskdrive? Yeah... me neither...

Here we are having link game on Konami F1-Spirit 3D special. This was actually first time I saw joylink in action! It was cool to do it once, but unfortunately this game just lacks all that driving spirit. No typical Konami quality at all.

Stt once again had quite a huge collection of rare MSX hardware with him. These pictures are from a special golden edition of Konami Kingsvalley2. There are no many of these kind of cartridges made and they are all individuals as original owner name is burned to ROM. This cartridge includes special version of Kingsvalley2 with custom levels made by Japanese Kingsvalley fans.

... I think that this picture of backside of the cartridge looks really cool.

After some technical difficulties Stt managed to get the MSX laserdisc system up and running as well. This screenshot is from Konami Badlands.

These pictures are from unreleased Konami game prototype "Keyboard master"

This prototype also contained speech synthesizer with custom (VLM5030) sound ship, but we did not get it working. However we managed to dump the game ROM and also sound chip ROM, so believe it or not: Now there already exists a beta version of MSX emulator that supports this hardware!

Note the typo in the picture :-)

Stt had also other rare hardware. Here you can see a complete SuperBoy series (SuperBoy I, II & III)

Somehow I get a feeling, that I've seen this game somewhere before... :-)

... and here are two very rare Electric software SoftCard prototypes made from Konami games. As far as I know four was made. The two other are duplicates of these.

Gorgane also took a very rare item with him...

This was a Norwegian bingo machine that was made in Holland. The machine it self was a Phillips VG8020 with "customized" keyboard, but what made it a bingo machine was the bingo software.

The software inside is absolutely worst program I've ever seen put to a cartridge. I think, that even well trained monkey can write better BASIC.

However it seems that this cartridge has also some hardware... (maybe S-RAM?) The cartridge it self was made by Micro-Technology Holland.

After the party Ahti "loaned" me "some" MSX hardware. Now tell me, how I'm supposed to put /me as a user in that room?!

After little calculation I got a result that me and Ahti spent 56 hours together at a party place before and after party and still we could have used a lot more time. Let's see, if we can do any better next time.